Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans was a fairytale in black and white. It is a tale about rekindling true love.


At first, I doodled the City woman because I adored the costume and makeup in this film. In this sketch I wanted to highlight the short bob, the derby hat and the quintessential 20’s flapper style and expression that gave the vampy adulteress a believable character. I tore her out, for the fact that my hand had smeared pencil marks on the rest of the paper, and also because it seemed appropriate as she was not intended to be part of the image.

I thought an image like this would capture the essence of the film, when the Man is filled with remorse and guilt from his intent to drown his wife, the backdrop of his home a visual representation of his conscience and a superimposed image of his lover behind him, urging his demons into action.

Bernice Lam is an aspiring writer-film maker, chorale trained singer, web comic enthusiast, amateur twitterer. 


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