Some like it hot (1959) was one of Billy Wilder’s greatest comedies and it has garnered numerous prestigious Academy and Golden Globe awards for the film as well as for the main actors; Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. The film received a ‘C’ condemned rating from the National Legion of Decency in the mid 1960s for the absense of the MPAA logo as well as a proper Production Code approval but that neither deterred nor hindered the comedy’s prominence and prestige then and even now. Some like it hot’s worldwide repute is still holding its ground prior to 2000, readers of Total Film Magazine voted it as the eighth greatest comedy films of all time and 2002, Channel 4 ranked it as the fifth greatest film ever made in their 100 Greatest Films Poll. (Wikipedia, Some like it hot)

Some like it hot totally changed my perspective of old classic films and can be easily listed as one of the most hilarious films I’ve watched in my life. It’s such a intricate piece of craft that I wish to a certain extent to see Marilyn Monroe’s notorious eccentricities and neuroses on the set of Some like it hot (as reported by Billy Wilder himself) because the chemistry and rapport between the three main actors was just pure magic to me.

Daphne (Jack Lemmon) and Josephine (Tony Curtis) each take one of the letter O in Some like it hot because the title literally spoke for them. They went from unwilling male musicians to enthusiastic bulky ‘females’, going all out to the extent of cross-dressing just to get closer to Sugar, the hot lead singer and ukelele player of an all-female band which just so happen needed replacements for a bass and a sax player. A most convenient excuse that provided the latters a chance to get closer to Sugar who walked “like Jell-O on springs”. I made them peek out and up at Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) instead of putting them side by side because I feel they have something to hide (their gender). Their actions are restricted thus are only able to go as far as ‘womanhood’ allows them, but never fully be themselves around her.

Who knew such a predictable concept deprived from basic temptations of the male species could be crafted into such a wonderful romantic screwball comedy film.

Two men who disguise themselves as women for a shot at love, this film couldn’t get any better.

Germaine Lim is a fervent writer, hairstylist and a person who just wants to make it big in life.


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2 thoughts on “Some like it hot

  1. Glad to know you enjoyed the film! Now you need to go more in depth in your analysis and tell us why it deserves to be ranked one of the greatest comedy of all time. You can also afford to give more context to who Wilder is, what is the kind of humour he is associated with versus his peers did, in his body of work, why did Some Like It Hot stood out?

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