By Chermaine Goh

La Régle Du Jeu(The Rules Of The Game) by Jean Renoir(1939, France) is a film that features themes such as  wit, relationships, love and philosophy and focuses on French society before World War II. (Michael York, The Telegraph). It initially received negative reactions especially by the upper French society as they felt that Renoir portrayed them in bad light. This caused the film to be banned in France and even Germany. Fortunately, in later years, the film was rediscovered and appreciated, and it currently has the perfect score of perfect likes on Rotten Tomatoes. This film moves at a quick pace and the ‘technical fluidity of the film-making, embracing many elaborate camera moves and virtuosic depth of field’ (Tim Robey, The Telegraph)(which means Renoir focused on both foreground and background action) gives the film many learning points and it is absolutely worth watching. The style of this film has gone on to inspire many filmmakers, an example being Gosford Park by Robert Altman.


 I chose to create a new poster for this film. The background of the poster is black, which for me reflects the unfortunate situations that happened due to Christine’s decisions. I put a heart in the top middle of the poster and included Christine’s face in there because I felt that the main theme of the film was love, Christine’s ‘love’ for André, Octatave and Rorbert. I did not include any of the 3 guys in the heart because I felt that Christine did not love them as much as she loved herself. Yes, I felt that the person she loved most was herself. She only thought of herself, her desire for wild romance and spontaneous passion that she did not regard the consequences of her actions. The red around her face in the heart represents the flurry of negative she alone caused. If you look carefully, you can see an eye near Christine, looking at her very focused and devoted. However Christine so unaware of the things she has and do not appreciate it. I put the faded black and white pictures of the guys she once claimed she ‘loved’ at the bottom according to how much they lost. I placed André first because he lost his life for his unequivocal, devoting love toward Christine. Next, I added Robert to the poster. Throughout the series of events he knows that Christine does not love him fully, he still loves her. Christine will probably stick with him because André is dead and Octave left…until she falls in love again. I would probably say that Robert loved Christine the most, for he was willing to give up Christine to André as he wanted to see her happy.  I placed Christine’s last ‘love’ at the end, for he got away easily, he got to leave, and start over again.

About The Author: Chermaine is a sleep-deprived film and writing student studying in Singapore Polytechnic. When she isn’t working on her never-ending assignments, she will most likely be found catching up on movies and books. She suffers from severe wanderlust.


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