Love Streams by John Cassavetes (1984) (USA) is an emotional roller coaster that twist on the meaning of love. Sarah and Robert lead completely different love lives despite being siblings. One having mental and divorce issues and the latter cannot commit to one relationship.

Cassavetes usually presents characters who’s inner desires are not understood. Other than that, Cassavetes is a fan of music such as jazz and rock which is apparent in Love Streams where the music and voices clash. (Wikipedia, John Cassavetes)

The essence of this film is the unstable stream of emotion. I decided to write poem showing the conflict Sarah and Robert have with each other.

            “Do you believe love is like a stream?

         Never stopping, always flowing?

        Love cannot stay,

           It flows away.

              Am I the only one flowing,

                   Dancing along to the beat? 

                           Should I oppose the beat?

                                      I’ll shout over it.

                           Why can’t you understand?

                      I’ve made it up with them.

                Why won’t you stay?

       I’m the only one who loves you anyway.

    Love is a stream.

It never stops.

Love is dead.

It’s a fantasy little girls have.”

I decided to make the poem look like an uneven stream. Sarah’s thoughts is italicized portraying her as dreamy and unstable. Robert is grounded to reality, not believing in dreams because of his failed relationships. In the beginning, they are unsure if their definition of love is right. “oppose the beat” refers the time Robert was “taking care” of his son. It symbolises the loud music that Robert talks over, but also his heart. He doesn’t want to commit to love.

Quotes from the moive were also used such as “Love is dead” and “Love is a stream” (IMBd. love streams quotes)

As the poem goes on, they realise what they want. “Why can’t you understand?” onwards was the ending scene. Both of them on the brink of realising which path they want to follow. Sarah chose to go back to her ex-husband, still on the stream. However, Robert broke off from the stream, left alone in his house, unsure if he’ll go back to the life he had.

About the author:

Johrah is a Charlie Chaplin fan that takes interest in cute animals, comedy and family themed shows and books.


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