Mulholland Drive


David Lynch 

The movie, ‘Mulholland Drive’ was released back in the year 2001 by David Lynch and it is a pretty famous film. I would say that because even though many people may not have watched the film, we have at least heard about its name somewhere. The film is basically a surrealism neo-noir themed picture. It depicts the story of a beautiful young lady arriving in Los Angeles, California by the name of Betty Elms who aspires to become an actress. She then gets befriended to an amnesiac & the film basically includes several other unrelated vignettes that in the later part, people can seem to connect the links in many different ways. The film has a great sense of twist & people are thrilled to distinguish between reality and dreams.

The film has indeed received several awards like obtaining the ‘Best Director’ in the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Best Film’ & ‘Best Actress’ in National Society of Film Critics etc.

Moreover, Los Angeles Film Critics Association gave the award of ‘Best Film of the Decade’ & Sight and Sound gave Mulholland Drive a slot in their 50 Greatest Films Ever August 2, 2012. 



I was inspired to do a poster for the film mainly due to its ‘Thrill’ captivating genre. I felt that people would be attracted to film posters like in the genres of horror, thrill, action due to its colours, design and so on. Therefore, in the heading I took the Mulholland Dr’s street sign post and made it to be the posters actual heading. It gives a sense of thought to people about ‘driving’. This was because in the film a lady by the name of Harring would survive a car crash. Moreover, I put the abstract art of blue and red particle wipes to depict the amnesia and the border between reality and dream. 





About the author: Ashwin Jerome is a petrol head and eats ‘Unicorns’ for breakfast.

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