Punch Drunk Love (2002)

Paul Thomas Anderson




Punch Drunk Love is a romantic comedy-drama. The film follows Barry Egan, who owns a company that markets themed toilet plungers and various novelty items. He has seven sisters who emotionally abuse and ridicule him which leads him to lead a very lonely life and he has fits of rage occasionally.

Artist Statement


While watching the film, I felt really bad for Barry and I felt for him and I felt that he had so much emotion inside of him but was unable to explain it. This scene in particular, got to me,

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 1.25.07 PM

as I feel like there is symbolism in this shot. As though he has spent his entire life running away, exiting from his problems, and shutting everyone out and then he met Lena Leonard and his life turned around for the better and I really liked that and I wanted to focus on the story of love and hope despite a past that did not have much hope or love and how it sometimes takes someone  to help another ‘see’.

This, inspired the poem below:

Barry Egan was blue.

He had 7 sisters, a big family, no doubt.

But oh, how lonely he felt.

He has spent his whole life running

Away from the problems

Away from the abuse

His heart was in seven

Torn apart by the people he called his family

He had no one to turn to

So he told the windows, the bathrooms and the glass.

Shard by broken shard, like his shattered heart.

Then he found a girl, no, the girl found him

Her name was Lena Leonard

She was a strange one

But she made Barry happy

No longer blue like his suit.

Because, like Dr Seuss once said,

When we find someone whose weirdness

Is compatible with ours

We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness

And call it love.

And so Barry, bought pudding, bought a plane ticket

Got on his very first plane ride and went to find the girl who was mending his heart

He was not sure what was happening

Not entirely sure if he ever felt this feeling before

But when he saw her once more,

He understood

Now that he had it,

It made him stronger than anything anyone could imagine

It was called


Sarah-Cae is a media and communications student in Singapore Polytechnic. When she isn’t spending precious time on school assignments, she can be found writing or star-gazing. She also cannot be expected to resign to maturity.


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