By Chrystal Hooi


“The Night” or “La Notte” is about the sour marriage between Giovanni Pontano, a writer, and wealthy lady Lidia Pontano. After visiting a friend who is terminally ill in the hospital, Lidia breaks into tears alone while Giovanni is seduced by a female patient in an embrace until they got broken up by nurses. Giovanni fails to attend to Lidia’s needs, Lidia gradually feels trapped by their marriage. Finally Lidia decides to reveal her true feelings towards Giovanni, and reads out a love letter written by him. However, Giovanni does not remember writing the letter and fails to recall his feelings towards Lidia but he refuses to admit it and forces her into his embrace. The essence of nihilism, or cynicism, believes that life is insignificant, and could be a result of the character’s identity crisis, especially since the character is trapped by another individual, in this case, Lidia and Giovanni.

Lanotte creative2

With that, I created a poster for “La Notte” with two hands either reaching out or leaving each other. The background is the night sky, reflecting the film title, and the colours chosen are dull and dark, fitting with its atmosphere. The two hands represent Giovanni and Lidia, with wedding bands on the ring fingers of both hands indicating their marriage, and the floating paper between them refers to the love letter Giovanni once wrote, symbolising the disappearing feelings for each other and possibly the reason for the separation.

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About the author:
Chrystal is a girl just trying to get things done in her life, one crisis at a time.


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