Ugetsu Monogatari


Kenji Mizoguchi

Ugetsu Monogatari 1953, is a Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi & written by Matsutarō Kawaguchi and Yoshikata Yoda. The film was actually based on a Japanese novel with the same title by Akinari Ueda. The film by Mizoguchi was regarded as a masterpiece by the Japanese people of that century and not only created history in the Japanese cinema but also influenced vastly.

The film is basically set around two couples named, Genjurō and Miyagi, Tōbei and Ohama living in the provinces of Japan. However, later part in the film, they are troubled with the arm. The army sweeps across the entire province and the locals are in deep turmoil. The two couples then flee out to the woods to be safe.


I basically got inspired firstly by the love these couples had within themselves. Even in the film, we could easily see that. I basically designed the poster by having the couple in the centre of attraction and at the bottom, we could see the army. Hence, people would know that there are some great obstacles within the love story of the couples. Moreover Tōbei wanted and became a samurai in the film in the later part, hence I placed him in the poster. The real poster does not feature these images as above.





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