Vagabond by Agnes Varda (1985) is a simple film about a woman’s place in a complex and unresponsive world, told mostly with flash backs. It has a unique style of narratives, with the people who knew Mona (the vagabond), turning to face the camera directly to comment on what they know about Mona. Sometimes, significant events are not shown to viewers, forcing them to piece information together to get the full picture.

Vagabond aka “Without Roof or Rule”, focuses on Mona Bergeron, a young lady who is born in a middle-class family, had secretarial training and worked in an office. But that’s not all as Mona hated her life and decided to run away to achieve total freedom. Varda’s film tackles a big question in today’s world; In a society that values cleanliness, would people be willing to accept vagabonds that are set apart from the society, not by poverty, but by their smell?


Mona at the beginning of her journey.


Mona at the ending of her journey.

This film has inspired me to write a poem. I’ve decided to write a poem on Mona’s journey for total freedom, until the end of it.

A perfect life I had

But is it what I want?

Of course not.

Freedom. Freedom is the thing!

After all, champagne on the road’s better

On this aimless trip, I’m on.

Nothing to tie me down!

I’ve met many yet I don’t know anyone.

People say I’ve got a stench.

But what truth is it, when I don’t believe?

As days passed.

My image changed.

Alas, I’m at the end of the road.

Is this where freedom will take me?

This isn’t how I used to look!

The warmth is leaving me.

I wonder if I’ve gotten what I set out for.

About the Author: Karen is a student who requires more direction and sense, as well as sleep


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