By Fiona Lai

Last Year at Marienbad (1961, Alain Resnals)

About the film

Last Year at Marienbad (L’Année dernière à Marienbad in French), is a romantic-mystery film by Alain Resnals in 1961. The story follows a man and a woman who they are unable tor recall whether they may or may not have met at Marienbad the year before.

The narration makes it hard for the audience to tell the difference between the true story and fiction. It leaves everything to the viewer’s interpretation.

Reference to the hunger games – Truth vs Fiction
[Caution: Spoilers ahead]

In the Hunger Games – Mockingjay, Peeta is captured by the Capital, manipulated and was used against Katniss.
The capital erased his love for Katniss away and they wired him into thinking Katniss is evil. Hence, he would have the urge to kill her. However, Peeta managed to somehow beat this “illusion of Katniss being evil”. Not only did the capital also hijacked his memory thus making him unable to differentiate what is real and what is fake.

He and his friends came up with a game to help him differentiate reality from illusions, called  “real or not real”.

My Response
This is a rough idea of a short film I thought of, inspired by Truth vs Fiction and love.

Set in a fanciful theme like the film.

Title: Up in the air

It was cold on this very evening. People were busy with their buys as the city started its annual year end sales.
John and Amy were walking down a street together, passing by the shops without uttering a single word.

The camera zooms into their emotionless faces.

John sits by edge of hotel and looks at the city’s skyline. He looked deep in his thoughts.
Only noises from the pool and bar. Amy walks back from ordering drinks from the bar.

Over the shoulder shot of John looking at the groups of people walking down the streets gleefully.


John? What are you thinking about?

Hahaha. Just quite sick of feeling like I am missing out something in life.

John pauses. 

Have you ever wanted the wildest imagination of yours to come alive? 

Like what?

Camera pans up.

The camera shows the lower bodies of a couple. The girl holding onto the guy’s arms walking slowly as the wind blows and New Yorkers walk pass them in a hurry.

Well, I imagine me and a girl walking down the streets together on a busy evening. We walk down the streets together. She leans closer to me in the cold weather. I feel her warmth, looked towards her and she smiled. She clines onto my arm, my heart clings and we were inseparable in the crowd. She was so excited to bring me somewhere. I asked her where she was taking me to.. she just smiled. It was the exact same smile that I fell for when I first saw her in Biology class. As she pulled me through the crowd, I looked up and it was the Empire State Building.

John looks at the Amy and turns his head back to the city’s skyline

Fades to black: John and the girl looking up at the Empire State Building, people were counting count

People were counting down, 3…2…1 and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

The Empire State Building light show?

No. It was her watching her. She looked like a little girl who just saw a lion for the first time. She grabs onto my arm tighter with her face pressed against… then she releases her grip, turn to me and say..

and say..?

Neh. It’s nothing.

Hmmm. She didn’t say anything but she did this…

Amy kisses John.

And he replied he felt like he was up in the air with the fireworks

Fireworks lit up the night sky and  as Amy leans on John’s shoulder.. she puts back the gun that she was holding onto into her purse.

Fin. The End.

About the author:

Fiona, who believes that in life good and bad things happen. They are full of pain and happiness.  Also, she accepted the author’s invitation to this blog without creating an account so she is now using a kind-hearted cutie’s account.


Wiki. 2013. Poster. [image online] Available at: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/0c/Marienbadposter.jpg/220px-Marienbadposter.jpg [Accessed: 23 June 2013].


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