Le Mepris

Contempt (French :Le Mepris ) is a film directed by Jean-Luc Godard in 1963. It is one of his notable works and his sixth feature film released. Sight & Sound critic Colin MacCabe  said Contempt was “the greatest work of art produced in postwar Europe” The film is especially known for its extended apartment sequence. It stars Brigitte Bardot, Michel Picolli, Jack Palance and legendary filmaker Fritz Lang. (Godard had been known to add more film references via quotes than any of his new wave counterparts.)

Contempt has two parts to it. The self-reflective look at cinema and the deteriorating relationship between husband and wife which could be related to Godard’s own personal life.

The film also showcases the problems that Godard had with his Hollywood director who forced him to include nude scenes of Bardot after he had his final cut. The addition of nude scenes was done in the hope that more revenue could be brought in. Cliche

The random, almost forceful addition of the Camille in bikini at the bottom of the poster is synonymous to the way the producer forced  more nude scenes into the film. Also, the using of this scene really signifies contempt in the clearest of forms.

The multiple layers of the poster show the film also has multiple themes.

Adieu is the last word that Paul saw from Camille before she passed away in the car crash. It means farewell in French.

Byline: Wayne is an aspiring actor and film maker that goes miles just to see people smile. He thinks he has a sense of humor and is single and ready to mingle. He is has finally completed his work and  hopes the haze reach 500 Psi so that school is canceled.


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