“Everything is an illusion”

Mulholland DR: An Introduction

Mulholland Drive is a high acclaimed neo-noir film directed and written by David Lynch, starring Naomi Watts as Betty Elms and Diane Selwyn, Laura Harring as Rita and Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher. The film was put together with what was shot from a cancelled TV series combined with additional footage later on. The film is highly known for its abruptness and lack of continuity which resulted in a fracture story structure. 

The film is about a woman who becomes amnesiac after a car accident and stumbles into a home and ends up sleeping. She is joined by another woman aspiring to be a Hollywood actress and the two then put their heads together to figure out her true identity.

The film has won David Lynch the Prix de la mise en scène (Best Director Award) at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Director. With this film, David Lynch managed to open the mind of his audience to a significant perspective in the 2000s, as said by many film critics such as Roger Ebert.

One of the unique things about the film is that David Lynch not only shoots the film in a way that the viewers can watch, but they are provoked to think about what is reality and what is a dream, as shown in one of the key scenes of the film whereby the character Rita, opens a blue box and emerges into another universe. The entire scene was shot with the camera as the eye of the viewer and they are looking from the point-of-view of Rita.

The film also has a constant flow of symbolism, such as the colors, the thoughts, the characters of the film. Rita is considered as a symbol of dreams due to her amnesiac condition. There are many other objects in the film that are also very important, such as the blue key, the blue box, the mysterious club Silencio, which could be considered as a symbol of illusion.


Therefore with these key features of the film i came out with my own poster of the film. The main things i wanted to express with the poster is the blurriness of some of the images, the small image of the blue key,which plays a big part of the film, and since it is a neo-noir film the color the majority of the poster is dark and black. As one of the key things about the film is about engaging the audience to take part in thinking about the film itself, the images are blurred and darkened at the sides as though from the perspective of a person’s vision.


Jason is a  student of Singapore Polytechnic who aspires to find ways of using visual representations to convey subtle yet thought-provoking messages.



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