The State of Things (Der Stand Der Dinge) – 1982, Wim Wenders

Original Poster:


The State of Things or Der Stand der Dinge, is a 1982 movie which is direted by Wim Wenders. It is about a film crew who was stuck in Portugal after the productions runs out of film stock as well as money This movie shows the crews’ thoughts and emotional reactions as they grew restless from waiting for the money to arrive or maybe a sign from the vanished producer, Gordon. The director travelled to Los Angeled to search for his missing producer, Gordon who stays/hides in his mobile home because he owes money to the Mafia.

The movie won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1982, it won the German Film Award – GOLD for cinematography and also a SILVER for the Best Feature Film.

New Poster:


I am inspired to do a poster on this movie as it is a movie inside a movie. The different scenes that are put in the poster depicts the scenes from the film that the crew is shooting as well as the scene where the director went in search for for Gordon. And also the scene where the film crew called for back up as they waited for the money to arrive. The black and white images reminds us of the way films were made years back and the history behind filming is as beautiful as the end product itself.

About the Author: Syara Shah loves doing sports, dance and starts her creative juices going once she’s in her zone. She aspires to be a director/ an entrepreneur.


  1. Der Stand Der Dinge Trailer (1982) – WorleyClarence on September 22, 2008. Retrieved from YouTube on June 23, 2013.                     (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj3V17L_Sm4)

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